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The North Shore Water Commission (NSWC) operates and maintains the Water Filtration Plant at 400 West Bender Road in Glendale as well as the Raw Water Pumping Station located in Whitefish Bay. The NSWC is responsible for purifying and pumping potable water to its member utilities which include Fox Point, Glendale, and Whitefish Bay. In addition, water is also provided to some areas served by Mequon Water Utility via a wholesale water agreement.

Intern Opening

If you are interested in a career in the water industry, you may want to consider becoming an Intern. Click here for more information

Relief Operator Technician Opening

This is a skilled position responsible for assisting in the operation of the water treatment plant and related equipment. Work involves maintaining correct water levels, draining, washing and refilling water filters, and adjusting chemical feed. Work also includes maintaining, calibrating, and performing minor repair of instrumentation. This position will work a varied schedule to relieve Relief Operator Technicians that are absent and will normally collect water samples in the distribution system. Click here for more information

Water Utilities

Each water utility is responsible for connecting customers to the water system, metering water use, billing, and responding to distribution problems such as main breaks. You can find out who your water utility is by checking your water bill. If you experience a water-related problem or have questions about your water bill, please contact your water utility for assistance.

Fox Point Water Utility Glendale Water Utility Whitefish Bay Water Utility
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(414) 351-8900 (414) 228-1719 (414) 962-6690


The NSWC is a proud member of the following associations:

Association Logo
American Water Works Association AWWA Logo
Wisconsin Section AWWA Wisconsin Water Works Association Logo
The Water Council Water Council Logo
Water Research Foundation Water Research Foundation Logo
West Shore Water Producers Association
West Shore Water Producers Association