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May 2021 Meeting


A Commission Meeting was held on May 12, 2021 using an internet-based online conferencing platform called Zoom. The meeting started at 8:00 AM and ended at 8:59 AM.


  1. Call to order by the Chair.
  2. Recognition of the annual rotation of office on May 1: Glendale, Chair; Whitefish Bay, Secretary; Fox Point, Member.
  3. Discussion of the Fiscal Agent rotation of office. Action may be taken for Whitefish Bay to assume Fiscal Agent duties.
  4. Discussion and possible approval of resolution to remove Jen Amerell and to add Jaimie Krueger as a Fiscal Agent for the Commission’s account at WaterStone Bank.
  5. Approval of the minutes of the April regular meeting and special meeting.
  6. Monthly report of plant operations.
  7. Discussion of annual budget.
  8. Approval of monthly bills.
  9. Discussion of the Reservoir Upgrade, Filter Upgrade, Video Surveillance, and IT Improvements Projects. Action may be taken to approve capital expenditures pertaining to these projects and to authorize payment to vendors.
  10. Discussion of proposed agreement with Baxter & Woodman regarding the Demonstrative Corrosion Control Study and Compliance Assistance Project. Possible action may be taken to approve the agreement.
  11. Discussion of proposal received from CTW Corporation to rehabilitate piping associated with low lift #3 pump. Possible action may be taken to accept the proposal.
  12. Update and possible action regarding the acquisition of land by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation pertaining to the upcoming project to expand I-43.
  13. Pursuant to section 19.85 (1) (E) Wisconsin statutes, this Commission reserves the right to convene in closed session to deliberate and discuss terms of the Wholesale Water Sales and Water Conveyance Agreements with the City of Mequon. Competitive and bargaining reasons require closed session discussion. This Commission may reconvene in open session to take action relating to these issues.
  14. Adjournment.

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